What is a Polo Prospect?

A polo prospect is a horse that has high potential to play. It is a horse that has already started training for polo and that has shown excellent promise to be able to perform on the field. Some of these characteristics are: conformation, balance, a good mind. In order to be a prospect, it has to prove that is not afraid and it likes to play. Training a polo pony may take up to 5 years from the moment it gets broken as a 2 year old, to the time that it has completely matured. There would be many more polo ponies if the time was givien to them, unfortunately the demand for good horses is high, and in most cases, the horses are pushed too fast and don't make it either because their body is not ready or their mind.  A horse needs time to mature and proper training. 


A polo prospect is a very delicate horse, because even though it may have everything to end up being an amazing polo horse, if it falls in the wrong hands, a work of years could only take seconds to be destroyed.


Our philosophy is to work with the horse and play for the horse until the horse is ready to play for us.