At SUNSET POLO CLUB, our breeding horses have been carefully selected through the years considering polo experience, conformation and bloodlines. We judge a horse for its conformation, abilities and temperament. We believe that the only way to breed is the best to the best and hope for the best. Though the primary key is to give the horse time. Many disciplines don’t even start training until the horse is six or seven years old. Because in polo, there is so much for them to learn, we start them very young, but we realize we have to give them time to mature before pushing them hard. We personally believe that with the massive production of horses there is for polo, there should be more superstars. But, unfortunately, they do not give them time and, as a result, so many talents get lost. This is the biggest part of our success and the reason why every homebred has gone onto, not only go on the field, but to play polo. As some of you may know, fifty percent of a great horse is what we previously mentioned, but the other fifty percent is the training and environment.  All of our broodmares and stallions have been proven polo ponies. They didn’t only go to the field, they really played polo and have proven to be great athletes.


We offer worldwide shipping of semen from any of our Breeding Stallions. Please print, sign and mail

A.I. Breeding Contract with payment. 


Playing Stallion Trained by Carlos Gonzalez CLICK ON THE LINK FOR MORE INFO


Playing Stallion Played by Juan Martin Nero US Open 2011 Trained by Carlos Gonzalez STUD FEE $2,500


2010 and 2011 Winner of Breeder of the Year.


Color Thoroughbred Playing Stallion Trained by Carlos Gonzalez STUD FEE $3,000