Polo Playing Stallion

The best horse Carlos ever had. Not only because of his great talent, but because he was his first stallion. Carlos not only taught Ciggy to play polo, but taught him to love the game and both developed a passion for it together. Ciggy loved it so much that he didn't care who rode him to the field - it could be Carlos, a 10 goal Player, a woman, a beginner or a kid. His thing was to play polo.


When Carlos first saw him at the race track, his eyes got a special gleam you could only see now when he looks at his own kids. Then came a surprise later when asking around for horses to buy, they got Ciggy out of a stall...he was 3 years old. Since that day nothing has come between the two of them. They went together everywhere and made a great match for polo. Played for 10 years for Carlos and for some high goal polo players. In 2004, there was an opportunity to show many people how good Ciggy was and we decided to sell him to the New Bridge Embryo Center and later on to the Palm Beach Equine Embryo Center. Many patrons and high goal polo players had the opportunity to breed to him without having to take their good mares out of polo for a whole year. So far, all of Ciggy's babies have played polo at all levels. One of our main stallions, Cibby, is one of them and he has already proven to be an amazing polo stallion playing the US Open in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. We regretted separating from him temporarily, but it was a good thing for the polo community and helped us promote our breeding program with a great blood line for polo. We are happy to have him back at our farm where he is now retired but still breeding. For More info go to:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.