Carlos Gonzalez' experience as a former 5-goal player, certified umpire, amazing horse training ability, knowledge and experience, makes him an ideal coach for those looking to improve their game, or simply learn polo. Carlos has worked with all levels of riders to give them the best possible foundation for proper riding and polo techniques. Through hard work, solid coaching, (and excellent teaching mounts), students will have the fundamentals needed for a polo foundation that focuses on strategy and safety. Carlos does not believe in short cuts to learn the game properly.  As a result, his students enter the field with a distinct advantage with regard to the understanding of the rules of polo and proper technique - both needed for success on the polo field.

Carlos was born and raised in Entre Rios, Argentina, and has been surrounded by horses his entire life growing up the son of a thoroughbred farm manager.  When Carlos enlisted in the Argentine army, as was mandated at the time, he was assigned to a polo unit and discovered his love for the game.  After completing his service, he pursued his polo career in Argentina, first working for Ernesto Trotz and later fulfilled his dream to come to the United States and further his career.


His first string of polo horses in the US included his famous horse V-8, which he trained and was later purchased and played by Memo Gracida.  In 1990, V-8 was awarded best playing pony in the us open. After his initial success with his first string, Carlos focused on making green horses and developed his well-known eye for selecting horses off the track for polo.  Carlos' clients over the years have included Carlos and Cemo Gracida, Isla Carroll and many of his made horses and prospects have been sent to Mexico and the UK and have even gone on to play for Adolfo Cambiaso.


Carlos has played all over the United States, including: Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Massachusetts - to name a few - and has held a 4 goal handicap, both indoor and outdoor, for over 20 rated at 3 goals, Carlos' passion is breeding and making horses for high goal polo and has a well-earned reputation for spotting polo talent in prospects.  Known for his playing stallions, a rarity in polo, Carlos' first stallion Ciggy, brought much success.  Ciggy was later sent to new bridge's breeding program and his get has had very successful high goal polo careers.  Ciggy descendants have gone on to play for the Busch family, Jeff Hall, Santiago Chavanne, Sugar Erskine and for White Birch (Nick Manifold and Mariano Aguerre). Cibby, son of Ciggy and Carlos' current main stallion, is following in his father's footsteps  and has had an exciting polo career - having played for Mike Azzaro in the 2008 US Open and subsequent 2010 & 2011 us opens for Juan Martin Nero.


Carlos continues to produce horses of high caliber given his selective breeding requirements of ideal conformation and to proven high goal polo mares - which has yielded over 15 horses to date.another playing stallion, Guaton, is also showing high goal promise after Carlos found him off the track and had him playing in a short period of time.  Like Cibby, Guaton is also known for his sound mind and talent on the field and made his US Open debut in 2009 playing for Luis Escobar.


Carlos loves working with green horses, especially young ones, and his love of horses is evident in the quality of the horses he produces. Carlos is the proud father of two sons, Santiago and Lucas, and resides in Loxahatchee Groves, Fl with his wife Thais. 

                   Biography by Kimberly Fiorino


As some of you may know, Carlos Gonzalez, the owner of SUNSET POLO CLUB, comes from a humble family from Entre Rios, Argentina. His father taught him that a man's word meant more than a thousand signatures. He believed that once you shook hands the deal was sealed, Carlos follows his father's